Affirmative is a part of E-City Ventures – the youngest brand from the diversified USD 4-billion Essel Group.

E-City Ventures has made investments in diverse businesses spanning segments such as retail real estate, digital cinemas, financial services and proprietary investments. To this end, E-City Ventures has developed specialised management teams and companies to spearhead each of its business interests and capitalise on emerging industries. Additionally, the investment arm of E-City Ventures invests in new-age start-ups, with a focus on some of the most fast-emerging segments of Fintech and Mediatech.

To know more about E-City Ventures click here http://www.ecityventures.in/

Our Business

At Affirmative, we shall aim to build a credit business in a responsible way, by providing a superior experience to our customers – SMEs & Retail. We shall aim to reach out to those segments that have not only a limited access to credit and but are also subject to high cost. Our endeavour shall be to provide complete and efficient solutions to our customers by mapping and standardising the credit process, the design and policies through extensive use of technology. This shall help us in serving the capital requirements of our customers at a time they need most.



Our strategy is to offer fairly priced, risk based, credit products to under-served yet credit worthy retail customers & SMEs in partnership with fin tech partners. We shall lean on extensive use of technology to identify and efficiently service credit worthy customers in a profitable manner.